Dual Output Rotary Position Sensor (AN9 Series)

Features :

  • Rotary position sensor with high tolerance for misalignment
  • Dual (redundant) outputs assure very high reliability
  • Non-contact rotary position sensing to full 360° rotation
    • No mechanical interface :
      – Nothing to break or wear out
      – No possibility of jamming or resistance to motion
  • Sealed design meets IP68 level water immersion per IEC 60529
  • Linear output over specific angular rotation ranges available on request
  • Performs with standard AS500106 magnetic actuator — factory programmable for use with other magnets
  • Custom programming option for rising or falling output slope with selectable offset, gain, clamp voltage
  • PWM output option available for custom applications
  • Rugged design includes EMI/ESD protection to SAE J1113 standards
  • Maximum operating temperature of 125°C
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