Geartooth Speed and Direction Sensor (SD1012)

Features :

  • Hall-effect geartooth speed and direction sensor 
    with flange-mount plastic housing.
  • Sense speed and direction of ferrous geartooth targets
  • Near zero speed sensing capability
  • Capable of 8000+Hz target speed
  • Locating mark provided to assure correct rotational alignment
  • 10-bit dynamic threshold detection offers:
  • South Pole Sensitive (except MP100105 and MP100106)
  • M12 Integral Connector Meets IEC 60947-5-2
  • Internal circuit protection allows sensor to meet all IEC requirements for Heavy Industrial Environments,ensuring immunity from:
    • Automatically adjusting magnetic range
    • Self-compensating to target geometry
    • Immune to target run out
  • Compatible with unregulated power supply
  • Reverse battery protected to -30VDC
  • Internal circuit protection to IEC529 1000
    • EMI resistant to 10V/m, 30MHz to 1GHz
    • ESD resistant to 4kV (Contact discharge)
    • Fast transient resistant to 2kV
    • Conducted immunity resistant to 10VRMS@150kHz to 80MHz
    • EMC compatible 30A/m @ 50 Hz
  • Meets IEC529 IP67 for dust and water protection
    • Integral Connector version: 4-pin Delphi Metri Pack 150.2 No. 12162833. Mates with Terminal No. 12124075.
    • Discrete wire version: 20 AWG, PVC insulation, UL1007/1569
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