MJ2 mini switches

Standard IP65 or IP67 sealed plastic micro switch. With a switching capacity of 15A 230V/AC and available in a wide range of different actuators and shift points.

Optional Phenolic housing in a high temperature. If connections can choose from standard screw connection is available but the solder and the 250×3 type fastonaansluiting. Maximum lifespan is 20 million circuits.

MJ2 microswitch. This switch is used in many applications and is therefore available in several different versions. Besides, this switch with various metal and plastic controls and actuators available. For higher temperatures (80gr.C) MJ2 of a phenol housing is available. At a customer, the switch can also be supplied with cable connected. Also the shedding of the connection for the corresponding IP67 protection is possible.

Features :

  • Regular or sealed operating heads.
  • Momentary contacts.
  • Completely sealed constructure.
  • Wide choice of heads and actuators.
  • Plastic (Standard) or phenolic housing.
  • Regular or light operating force.
  • Temperature range :
    +5 ° F to +175 ° F (-15 ° C to +80 ° C)
  • Soldering Terminal or Fast Terminal


15A125 or 250 V AC
1/8 HP125 V AC
1/4 HP250 V AC
1/2 A125 V DC
1/4 A250 V DC
OF : Operating ForceTTP : Total Travel Position
RF : Releasing ForcePT : Pretravel
TF : Total ForceOT : Overtravel
FP : Free PositionDT : Travel Differential
OP : Operating PositionTT : Total Travel
RP : Releasing Position 

Remark :

Oil Tight Series


Sensitivity Adjustable Series



Operating speed0.01mm to 1m/sec
Operating frequencyMechanically : 240 operations/min.
Electrically : 20 operations/min.
Contact resistance15m Ω max.(initial)
Insulation resistance100M Ω min (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength1,000VAC. 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between non-continuous terminals
2,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between current-carry part and ground.
VibrationMalfunction Durability : 10 to 55 Hz
1.5mm double amplitude.
ShockMechanical Durability : Approx.1,000m/sec2 (approx.100G’s)
Malfunction Durability : Approx.300m/ sec2 (approx.30G’s)
Ambient operating temperatureGeneral purpose type: – 25 ° C to + 80 ° C
Sealed type: – 15 ° C to + 80 ° C
HumidityGeneral purpose type : 85% RH max
Sealed type : 95% RH
Service lifeMechanically : 20,000,000 operations min
Electrically : (1.7A,110VAC)MAX , 500,000 operations min.


Plastic body (Standard type) : 

MJ2-1704-F (metal roller)MJ2-1703-F (metal roller)
MJ2-1737-F (metal roller) 

Type Number Ordering Code : 

1) Series basic definition code MJ2 : 

2) Feature type number : 

1280~1744 set up ordinal number according to different driving devices. Please refer to type picture and type number in the catalogue.

3) Body(case) material type : 

Non-indicate : Plastic Body (standard)
P : Phonolic Body (custom made).

4) OF(operating force) type : 

Non-indicate : Normal force (standard)
L : Light force (custom made).

5) Terminal type : 

Non-indicate : Only attached screw (standard)
S : Soldering Terminal Type (custom made)
A : Fast Terminal Type (custom made).

6) Roller or head material type : 

F : Metal roller (custom made)
P : Plastic Roller(POM)
Head(Custom made : POM TEFLON).

7) High current type(custom made) : 

P20 : 20A

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